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Non-State torture: A response to Ibrahim Kira's "a critical outlook at torture ..."

  Article   2017

Torture Victimization—Child to Adult: Flashbacks and Connection with First Responders

  Article   2014

Canada: Non-State Torture (NST) girls and guns

Article on guns and other weapons used by non-State torturers.

  Article   2011

Torturing by Non-State Actors Invisibilized, A Patriarchal Divide and Spillover Violence from the Military Sphere into the Domestic Sphere

Introducing our model of how patriarchy divides the human right of all persons not to be subjected to torture.

  Article   2009

Defining Torture by Non-State Actors in the Canadian Private Sphere

Includes a brief woman's story about organized captivity, torture, trafficking and prostitution by her husband and his three friends.

  Article   2009

Ritual Abuse-Torture Within Families/Groups

  Article   2008

Our knowledge is that non-State torture family operators engage in complex criminal activities. Forced drugging, forced pornographic exploitation, human trafficking to like-minded perpetrators, and forced mental and physical conditioning.